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A question we get asked every day at Molldrem Family Dentistry is

Do you accept my insurance?!

Most likely yes, but your coverage will vary depending on your plan.

We accept most dental insurance plans and as a courtesy to our patients we bill for services through your primary insurance benefit provider.

How is dental insurance different from health insurance?

Dental insurance is nothing like health insurance! We’re so accustomed to thinking of all health care plans are exactly like medical insurance.

In fact, we have started referring to it as dental benefits. It does not insure everything but gives you some benefits for some things.

The main difference between medical insurance and dental benefits is:

  • Dental insurance has an annual maximum, usually $1200-1500.
  • Dental insurance may cover very little when dental work is needed.
  • Never feel rushed: We dont schedule based on insurance company guidelines, we do it based on our standards of quality& care.
  • High-quality materials: Receive natural-looking and long-lasting treatments Unbiased recommendations: We’ll always act in your best interest.
  • New technology: Making your visits painless, quick, and efficient.
  • Expert dentist: Continually learning and applying the best techniques and treatments.
  • Modern office: Clean and welcoming in a spa like environment. Dr. Molldrem loves to talk about all the plants he cares for at the office!